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Military Jobs >> Military Articles >> Military Career Feature >> What are the Duties of a Paratrooper?
  • Military Career Feature

What are the Duties of a Paratrooper?

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To get soldiers into the battlefield as quickly as possible, paratroopers are dropped into the hostile territory by military aircraft. The job of a paratrooper is very important and requires a lot of skill. The paratrooper must know how to use a parachute properly; know how to jump from different types of aircraft; and be able to maneuver through foreign territory.

When it comes to having a military career as a paratrooper, there are a lot of opportunities for advancement. The following military career information for a paratrooper will help determine if this military employment opportunity is the right for you.

Military Parachuting Properly
A paratrooper must know how to deploy and control his parachute. They must know how to jump and land safely, properly carry combat equipment, and follow all aircraft guidelines and procedures.

Dropping From Different Types of Aircraft
A paratrooper has to know how to drop from all different types of aircraft, such as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Foreign Ground
They must drop into remote areas, be able to make their way through unfamiliar terrain, communicate effectively with the command center, and provide air traffic control such as the establishment of safe landing areas for aircraft and other soldiers. In addition to all of this, their mission may include hunting for terrorists and fighting the enemy.

HALO Jumps
What is a HALO jump? HALO stands for High-Altitude Low-Opening. Paratroopers must be trained for HALO jumps to successfully train to Pathfinders. This means they free-fall from a high altitude of 21,000 feet, and do not open their parachutes until they get very close to the ground – close and low enough to prevent the enemy's radar from detecting them.

Military Training for Duty and Earning ''Silver Wing''
Soldiers are trained for paratroopers in the US Army Airborne schools during the three-week Basic Airborne Course. This includes Ground Training; Tower Week; and Jump Week. In the first week, Ground Training, the soldiers learn how to exit the plane and land. During the second week, Tower Week, they perfect falling and landing. In their last week - Jump Week, they practice what they learned with 1,250-foot jumps. The paratrooper will earn their "Silver Wing" when they complete five jumps. One of the jumps must be completed at night and two must be completed with combat equipment.

To find out further information regarding your military career, visit your local military recruitment office or search online for military employment website. You'll find a host of military employment opportunities on these websites.

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